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Internet – Fiber – business

Looking for a cheap and reliable fiber optic Internet connection in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario? Pay less for more with EBOX! Choose your speed from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.

Fiber Optic Internet

Connection 10/100/1000/10 000 (10 Gbit/s)

Fiber optic connections are specialized access that offer bidirectional throughput for enterprises who requires more bandwidth than that of low-speed circuits such as DSL or CABLE. Fiber Optic access provide the highest level of stability for enterprises who are looking at replacing low-speed circuits for greater stability and speed.

Ebox Fiber Optic advantage

  • Lowest cost on the market
  • Speed starting at 10 Mbits up to 10 Gbits
  • Redundant BGP4 network (AS1403)
  • Toll-free 7 days per week customer service, 24/7 monitoring of the network
  • Independent internet service provider with over 18 years experience and thousands of clients.

Get a quote now

Our fiber optic business team can provide you with a custom quote quickly. Call a fiber optic specialist now at

1-(877)-282-6933 extension 910 or by email at fiber@ebox.ca

Our fiber optic representative can go to your office for a custom quote and evaluation of your needs.

Redundant network built for enterprises

* (Peering) Ebox manage one of the largest network in Canada. We have peering agreements with Google/Netflix/Akamai/Torix/QiX and much more. We guarantee quality bandwidth to all our customers across the country.

* (Core N+1) Ebox use VRRP technology in it’s redundant core. In case of hardware failure of core #1, traffic is automatically rerouted through core #2 in just a few milliseconds to ensure continuous data transmissions and 100% uptime.

* (BGP4) On top of having multiple cores, Ebox use BGP4 to balance traffic with upstream’s service providers. Each provider have their own BGP session with us and in the event of an upstream link failure, BGP4 will select the best path to use and can reroute traffic.

* (WAVE) The links to our upstream providers use their own wave (different path) to ensure resiliency in case of a link failure.

Common Application

  • Office with 15+ employees
  • Real time Stock trading
  • Voice over ip
  • Software as a service / Cloud Computing
  • Online backup / large files
  • IPV4 and IPV6 Ready