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Chief Technology Officer – CTO


EBOX is a young and dynamic independent Internet, television and telephony service provider. Being the fastest growing company in the telecommunications sector in Canada and part of the ranking of the 500 largest Quebec companies in 2019, EBOX strives to promote a culture of respect, dedication and expertise in an environment stimulating work.



The CTO is responsible to operate the Technology Executive Leadership vision, implementing technology strategies and ensuring that Technology resources are aligned with the Business needs of the company. He has the ability to maintain a priority point of view on the issues, in order to generate comparative advantages over the competition landscape for the services offered by the company and to actively collaborate in the process of solving potential problems that may impact Customer Service.


Main Responsibilities

Working with the Technical Executive Leadership, the Chief Technology Officer – CTO, main responsibilities are:


  • Ensure the cohesion and mobilization of Technical teams so that they take ownership of the projects and give the best of themselves in order to deliver on time while ensuring a high level of quality;
  • Anticipate and identify problems, provide solutions and put measures in place to prevent their recurrence;
  • Manage, structure and challenge the work of developers under his responsibility (Backend, Frontend, Systems and networks team and NOC);
  • Maintain speed in the delivery of services identified as priorities by the management of the company;
  • Establish and monitor the objectives and projects of the technical teams by following a Project Management Method (Agile and Scrum);
  • Define the roadmap and ensure compliance with the delivery of products and services to the Technical Teams under its leadership;
  • With the Technical Teams in place, carry out technical audits to identify faulty tools or methods and suggest improvement solutions;
  • Ensure relations with other departments of the company (OSS / BSS, Ops, Finance, etc.) and with external service providers (equipment manufacturers, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.),
  • Discover, propose and implement new technologies that offer a competitive advantage to the company (Best in Class);
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive framework of policies, standards and technology strategies that will allow the company to meet its commitments to customer strategy, budgets and regulations;
  • Establish rigorous quality assurance and data protection processes;
  • As part of the Business Continuity plan (customer service), ensure that the technical teams have the tools so that there are no failures in business operations and appropriate contingency plans are in place. up and regularly tested for preparation for unforeseen and unexpected events that may have an impact;
  • Actively participate in the investigation of problems and act as a resource person for their resolution with the members of his team.


What we are offering:

  • A competitve salary

  • our benefits

  • Work life balance

  • Possibilities for growth & advancement


  • Bachelor Degree with a specialty in programming, telecommunications, business computing, broadcasting or equivalent experience.
  • University certificate in business administration or management (an asset)




  • 10 to 15 years of experience in a similar position
  • 10 years of experience in personnel management




  • In-depth knowledge of the telecommunications market.
  • In-depth knowledge of networks and computer systems: Juniper, Linux, Windows, TCP / IP, UDP, DNS, Ipsec, GRE, HSRP, SNMP, SMTP, Docker, BGP, OSPF, Asterisk, VoIP, PBX, Vmware ESXi.
  • In-depth knowledge in software development (backend and frontend): Postgres, Apache or Nginx, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Python, Bash and Javascript, RESTful, HTML5 and CSS3, Pytest, JavaScript (Angular and React), Cloud computing.
  • Knowledge of Global Technological Trends and the ability to convert them into technological vision adapted to the market where the business evolves.
  • Ability to exercise mobilizing leadership.
  • Ability to work in a team with the various stakeholders of the company.
  • Rigor
  • Ability to analyze risks and reactivity
  • Ability to negotiate with suppliers to maximize returns
  • Ability to be a leader for EBOX in an innovative business environment
  • Ability to put the customer at the center of priorities
  • Ability to stay on course while facing difficulties and pressure
  • Excellent knowledge of French both orally and in writing

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