Telephony Call your people

For a reliable phone line at a fair price in Ontario, choose EBOX. With the Long Distance Plan, you get free long distance in 72 countries around the world! Telephone line as reliable as that of large companies but for a fraction of the price.

Free calls
between subscribers

Line with long distance

A reliable line loaded with features. Please note : Our telephony services require an internet connection, please refer to our Packages page for pricings that include the Internet service.

  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Email notice of new voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Automatic call forward
  • Voip adapter rental
  • Free calls between subscribers
  • Unlimited Canada and US
  • Unlimited in 72 countries*

Starting at

$2990 Month

Includes basic services

  • Basic 911

  • Info-Santé service

  • Free calls

Additional informations

  • Grandstream HT812 ($59.95 for purchase or $5/month for rent)
  • Analog terminal adapter (ATA)
  • Keep your existing number ($20 one-time fee)
  • Cable technology and DSL
  • Compatible with VoIP Alarm System
  • Verify rates per minute online (click here)