EBOX supports the SPCA
during the moving season

During the
moving season

up to

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animals are abandoned to the montreal spca each month

During the moving season, the SPCA receives 2-3 times more animals than they normally would. Without the public’s help, they would not be able to support thousands of abandoned animals. That’s why EBOX is lending a helping paw to the SPCA by donating $5 for every new subscription between May 27 and June 23.

Two ways to
get involved

  • New subscription

    EBOX will donate $5 to the SPCA* for each new subscription.

  • Sharing

    EBOX will donate 25¢* to the SPCA for every post using our #EBOXGivesBack hashtag.

*Up to $50,000

What are the
donations for?

Thanks to your donations, the SPCA ensures that rescued animals are evaluated, offered refuge, fed and given the necessary veterinary care (vaccinations, sterilization, microchipping etc.) and are put up for adoption to find their new home.

Every dollar counts and contributes to the SPCA's mission of protecting animals, ensuring their well-being, promoting public awareness and helping to foster compassion for all sentient beings.

Report an abandoned animal

If you find an animal that appears to have been abandoned, immediately report it to your local SPCA.

The animal may simply be lost, with its owners frantically trying to find it. If possible, temporarily keep the animal with you until the SPCA arrives. But if the owner doesn't show up, why not just adopt your new best friend?

Moving? Adandon
your  provider,  not you pet.

About the SPCA

Celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, the SPCA is the largest animal-protection organization in Quebec. They speak on behalf of animals wherever there is ignorance, cruelty, exploitation or neglect. Their valued team of 125 employees and 400 passionate volunteers offer a range of services that go far beyond the traditional role attributed to animal shelters.

*Up to $50,000.