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Revolutionizing your TV!

Powered by Android TV technology, EBOX TV lets you watch the content you want from apps like CBC, Spotify, and Google Play films. EBOX TV comes pre-installed with the EBOX TV application, which gives you access to live TV channels.

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Cloud recorder*

With EBOX TV you record your shows in the cloud. The basic option gives you the ability to record 100 hours of content and up to 4 shows simultaneously so you don't miss a thing. You can then listen to your recordings on the screen of your choice with the EBOX TV receiver or one of the compatible devices. If you need more, we have other options for you!

Recording space from 100 h

Record 4 shows simultaneously or more

View your recordings on the screen of your choice

* Charges apply for the rental or purchase of the EBOX TV receiver. A monthly charge may apply depending on the selected cloud recording option.

Voice control your TV

The EBOX TV remote control is equipped with voice recognition. Open your applications or search titles by voice. Integrated wireless connectivity allows for faster searching. Thin and ergonomic, the remote has a sleek and refined design featuring "soft touch" plastic. We also offer you the option of transforming your tablet or smartphone into a remote control.
  • Bluetooth


  • Google_mic


EBOX TV remote control

Watch the device of your choice

EBOX TV gives you access to your TV channels and the Android TV environment via your Wi-Fi network. To install the EBOX TV app on your own box, you simply need to type "EBOX TV" in the Google Store search tool. See compatible devices.

EBOX TV receiver


Replay your shows so you don't miss anything

The "Replay" function allows you to watch a show in progress from the start or later, for up to 3 days after its original broadcast.
Ipad Ipad

Choose from up to 150 channels in HD

Get the channels you want: basic channels, single channels, in bundles of 10, 15, or more or in theme packages, as you wish! Create your package

Stream easily with Chromecast

Cast your content from a separate device like a tablet or a smartphone. Donít miss anything, watch what you want, when you want. Chromecast enables you to stream television shows from mobile applications like CBC, not to mention films, music, and games. The possibilities for entertainment are endless.

Pure entertainment


Installing your applications

EBOX TV includes the Google Play Store which gives you access to plenty of apps to download. Customize your EBOX TV to make it relevant to your interests: music, films, apps, books, news, and games!
Jeux Jeux

Play games

EBOX TV is also a gaming console thanks to its advanced processor. Install Google Play Games and access a wide array of games. You can follow your progress, continue games you have paused, and record your gameplay to share on YouTube.
Accesoires Bluetooth

Pairing with wireless accessories

To truly live the EBOX TV experience, pair your wireless accessories such as keyboards, headphones and game controllers to your television. What's more, EBOX TV gives you access to a USB port to upload external data.

TV as you want
it to be !

La télé comme tu la veux !

Starting at

$319  ** Month


  • Available with EBOX Internet access (minimum of 15 Mbit/s with unlimited data for ADSL, C-Cable and V-Cable. For CV-Cable, a minimum of 50 Mbit/s with unlimited data is required)
  • Support for Android
  • Up to 150 channels available à la carte
  • Access to packages like the Essential, the Popular and the Complete
  • Includes major american networks
  • HD and 4K HDR* resolutions
  • Wireless TV
  • “Replay” function
  • Remote control with voice recognition
  • Pairing with wireless accessories
  • Chromecast – Stream from a smartphone or tablet
  • Access to: Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, etc.
  • Comes with Android Pie (9.0)
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* Consult the Terms of Service section for more details regarding EBOX TV. All rights reserved. TOU.TV, Spotify, YouTube, Android, Chromecast, Google Play services and Apple are registered trademarks.
** To get EBOX TV and all the great features it offers, you need to rent the decoder (Android TV) at 6.95/month and to have an unlimited EBOX internet package.