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How does a transfer work?

Transferring your internet service

If you are currently subscribed to a cable internet service with another provider, we can transfer your service. The transfer is an interesting option because it avoids having to go a long period of time without internet service.

When you subscribe, the sales associate will check whether the transfer of your internet service requires a technician visit or whether it can be completed remotely.

Our sales associate will give you a recommandation on when the disconnection of your current internet service should take place in order to ensure a seamless transition from your current provider to EBOX.

Please contact your current provider as soon as possible to ask them to disconnect your services on the agreed date and send and/ or process the disconnection request immediately. If your supplier does not process your disconnection request immediately, this could cause you additional delays.

The following chain of events depends on the nature of your transfer.

Transfer with technician

You will continue to have internet access until the day of your transfer. About  3 days before your installation date, you will receive an automated call and an email detailing the exact date and general timeframe of the technician’s visit.

On the day of the transfer, the technician will come to your house to check the signal status, make sure the wiring is in good condition, remove the security ring from your modem and install filters if necessary.

Following his departure, please your equipment. The service will be activated automatically within 3 hours.

Transfer without a technician

On the day of the transfer, you will suffer a loss of service. You will also receive an automated call and an email notifying you that your installation is scheduled for today.

You will then know that the service has been transferred.

Please connect your EBOX equipment. The internet service will be activated within 3 hours of connecting the equipment.