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What is the referral program?

The referral rebate

In its early days, before having an advertising budget, EBOX relied solely on word of mouth to acquire new customers. That’s when the referral program was born, and it still persists to this day!

I referred someone

For each customer you refer to EBOX, you benefit from a 1$ credit, every month, as long as the account of the person you referred is open. When subscribing, the person you refer must provide your customer code. It’s very important to provide your customer code to the person you are referring before they subscribe, because the referral cannot be added after the subscription process. The discount will be applied to your invoice following the installation of the referred customer service.


I was referred to EBOX by an existing customer

As a referred customer you deserve a perk too! To welcome you, we’ll offer you a $ 25 credit on your second invoice! All you have to do is provide the customer code of the person who referred you when you subscribe. The fine print? There’s none! Enjoy! 🙂