Migrating to EBOX 100% Fibre Internet Plan

EBOX Fibre Migration: Everything You Need to Know

EBOX is proud to offer the most technologically advanced internet access on the market: 100% fibre internet.

What is EBOX 100% fibre internet?

EBOX fibre internet is a technology that connects fibre-optic cables to your home. This connection is also called “FTTH” or “Fibre To The Home”.

An optical fibre is a very thin wire made of glass or plastic. It conducts light. Its luminous signal can transport large amounts of data at the speed of light. Fibre is more reliable, more durable and high-performance.

With 100% fibre internet, EBOX can give you:

  • Access the highest internet speeds on the market
  • Better network performance
  • A modern technology that’s adapted to the future
  • The ability to transmit large amounts of data faster
  • A higher upload speed

What’s a Migration?

The EBOX fibre migration process is super simple. It involves switching from a cable or DSL connection to an EBOX fibre connection. Basically, it’s replacing your current technology with EBOX fibre.

Migrating is worth it for so many reasons. When you migrate, you keep the reference discounts saved to your account. You keep the same account number. You also keep all your current conditions.

The best part is that your DSL or cable connection stays active during the whole migration process. If you want to switch to a fibre connection without losing internet access, it’s the perfect solution for you.

Who Can Migrate?

Fibre migrations are available for Quebec and Ontario customers. We offer it to  customers who already subscribe to a cable or DSL connection with EBOX.

What’s The Migration Process?

The migration process is super simple. First, EBOX installs a fibre connection in your home. Then, we close your previous internet access once the new service is installed. It’s done in 6 steps:

  1. First contact with our team
  2. EBOX fibre subscription
  3. Reception of your router
  4. Appointment confirmation
  5. Installation of your EBOX 100% fibre internet
  6. Closing of the previous connection and equipment return

The Steps of Your EBOX Fibre Migration

1. First Contact with our team

First, EBOX sends you an email to offer to migrate to a fibre plan. Then, we call you to double-check that fibre internet is available at your address.

If you haven’t received an email yet, don’t worry! Migrations are done in batches. You’ll receive an email soon, we promise!

2. EBOX Fibre Subscription

If EBOX 100% fibre is available to you:

  • We offer you an EBOX fibre internet plan that’s equivalent to your current speed. You can change your speed after your installation.
  • We take your availability. The fibre connection is installed by a Bell technician.
  • We confirm your shipping address to send you a new router.
  • Your new modem will be delivered to you by the Bell technician on the day of installation.
  • If you rent a modem and/or router for your DSL or cable service, you will have to return them to us. We send you a return label by email. With this label, you can return the equipment without paying shipping costs.

3. Reception of the Router

2-3 business days later, you will receive the router. A signature is required by Purolator. The package will not be left at the door if there’s no one at home. It is normal to only receive the router. The modem (also called ONT) will be provided to you by the technician on the day of installation.

The router is shipped to you via Purolator. The model can vary.

The modem (ONT) is provided by the Bell technician on your installation day.

4. Appointment Confirmation

Then, EBOX calls you to confirm the date and appointment window of your installation. You may need to prepare a few things before the arrival of the technician:

  • If you live in an apartment complex, the electrical room in your building must be accessible on the day of the installation. This room is usually locked. Ask the owner for the key or request that the room be unlocked on the day of installation.
  • The technician often has to drill holes to install the fibre-optic cables in the walls. If you are a tenant, the landlord’s authorization is required to carry out the work. You must provide the technician with a written authorization signed by the owner of the building.
  • A person 18 years of age or older must be on site during the entire appointment window and while the technician is installing the service.
  • The technician may show up at the end of the appointment window. For example, if your window is from noon to 5:00 p.m., the technician could arrive at 4:50 p.m.
  • Installation may take a few hours. It’s important to keep in mind that the installation will not necessarily be finished before the end of the appointment window.

5. Installation of Your EBOX 100% Fibre Internet

The big day is finally here! We’re installing your new service today. Nice!

You may receive a call from a private number or from a Bell number during your appointment window. The technician is calling you. It’s very important to answer. If you don’t answer, the technician may not show up to install your connection.

The technician arrives with your modem. He takes care of installing the fibre-optic cables, he connects your modem and your router, he configures everything. Before leaving, he checks that the service is working properly.

You can now enjoy your new EBOX 100% fibre internet!

6. Closing of the Previous Connection and Equipment Return

After installing your FTTH service, we take care of closing your DSL or cable connection. You do not need to contact us to request it, we’ll take care of everything.

If you have rental equipment (modem and/or router) for your cable or DSL connection, you’ll have to return it to us. The equipment must be returned in the 20 days following the closure of your cable or ADSL connection. No worries, we’ll send you an email to remind you. Use the return label we emailed you to avoid paying for shipping.

So, that’s that! Your fibre migration is complete! EBOX is now your proud fibre provider!