What happens during the installation?

What to expect on installation day

On the day of your installation, the technician will come to your home. If you are subscribed to the R-Cable service, the technician will call you before he arrives. It’s very important to answer the call. If you do not, the installation of your service will have to be rescheduled.

Once on site, the technician will check the state of the internal wiring, make sure that the signal is strong and check that the indoor and outdoor installation is safe. If a jack needs to be moved, or a wire replaced, the technician will take care of it.

Following the technician’s departure, you will need to connect your equipment.

For V-Cable and R-Cable subscribers, it is normal for the internet service to take some time to become available. It is generally activated remotely within 3 hours of the technician’s departure. There’s no need to call us, the process is automatic.

The activation of a DSL service is immediate.

Only subscribers of a C-Cable package should contact the technical support department at 1-877-282-6933 if the internet service is not available when the technician leaves. A remote activation may be required.