How can I make a payment?

Paying your invoice

EBOX prioritizes payments by bank transfer. Why? Because the operating costs for credit card payments are very high.  In the context of the anti-competitive and anti-consumer decision dictated by the CRTC (2021-181) and to limit the impact of said decision on the retail prices our clients pay, EBOX is gradually changing its preferred payment methods. Going forward, PPAs (preauthorized payments) as well as bank payments will be prioritized to the detriment of the credit card. This solution allows us to maintain competitive prices in the short-term.

Paying with your bank

To pay by wire transfer, add “EBOX” to your supplier list on your banking institution’s website, app or at the bank counter.

You will then have to provide the reference number of your EBOX account. Your reference number is your customer code. You will find it at the top of your invoice, to the right of your contract number.

If you are having trouble adding your customer code as a reference number, we suggest that you try adding a series of zeros before your customer code to respect the format imposed by your bank.

Once EBOX is added to your list of providers, you may pay your invoice as you would any other.

Paying with a credit card

Important notice!

To adapt to the consequences of the decision unfavorable to competition and consumers dictated by the CRTC (decision 2021-181) and to limit the impact on the retail prices paid by our customers, EBOX is gradually modifying its preferred payment methods. Going forward, PPAs (authorized prepayments) as well as bank payments are prioritized to the detriment of the credit card. This means that credit card payments are a last resort solution available exclusively to customers who meet one of the following conditions:

  • Your payment history or credit score tells us that you may be more likely to have payment issues.
  • Your services are suspended for non-payment.

If these terms do not apply to you, credit card payments are unavailable. Please refer to the instructions in the “Paying with your bank” section of this article to pay your balance.

To make a credit card payment, go to your customer area and click on the Pay button located above your balance.

Then click on the Click here link in the section called Immediate payment by credit card.

You may then provide your credit card information and change the amount of payment you want to make, if needed.