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4 May 2017 | Techno

Music streaming in Canada : 7 incredible facts you want to know

Music streaming has taken the world by storm. Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or Pandora, you know it’s a fast, easy, and convenient way to listen to your favorite artists and discover hot new tracks. Even YouTube has officially entered the market, launching the YouTube Music app for convenient music and lyric video streaming. With a growing popularity and new platforms emerging all the time, the streaming industry is an impressive factor in our daily lives. Let’s take a look at some surprising details about music streaming services.

More People Pay for Music Streaming Than Netflix

According to a report released by Midia, 100.4 million people paid for music streaming subscriptions throughout 2016. Netflix only reported 87.8 million subscribers for the same year. Here is the estimated numbers of suscribers by streaming service:

  • Spotify – 40 million
  • Apple Music – 17 million
  • Napster (Yes, it still exists–more below) – 3.5 million
  • Tidal – 3 million
  • Deezer – 3 million

The rest of the numbers belong to various other services, such as Google Play and Amazon Music.

Napster Is Still a Thing

After Napster pioneered streaming and downloading music in the late nineties and got shut down for legal complications, its future was uncertain. That was until Rhapsody from Best Buy acquired it in 2011. The Rhapsody name was officially phased out in July of 2016 and internationally rebranded as Napster. Rhapsody did this in hopes to compete with Pandora and Spotify. Are you using the reincarnated version of Napster?

Canadian Artists Were Popular in 2016

Spotify released what artists were most popular among listeners in 2016, and two of Canada’s best were at the top: Drake secured the number one spot followed by Justin Bieber at number two. Drake’s discography got over 4.7 billion plays in 2016 with his hit “One Dance” skyrocketeing to the most-streamed song on Spotify–ever. It has reached over 882 million plays. Don’t underestimate the power of streaming in Canada!

Listeners Love Playlists

Music Watch released a study in 2016 that had some incredible findings about how people consume music via streaming apps. According to the study, 90% of respondents said they frequently listen to or create their own playlists. The most popular type of playlists are genre-based playlists and selections of current hits. Not convinced of the dominance of playlists? Well, maybe you will be when you find out there are over 1.5 billion playlists on Spotify–more than China’s population. Whether curated by average users, computer algorithms, or a streaming service employee based on industry recommendations, it’s evident that playlists are especially popular for discovering new artists.

Streaming Brings in Revenue

While streaming services have sometimes gotten flack for not paying artists enough, it’s been improving. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reported that the music industry saw more revenue from streaming than digital downloads or CDs in 2015. The revenue is broken down as follows:

  •  Streaming – 34.3%
  • Digital downloads – 34%
  • Physical CD sales – 28.8%

The total retail revenue in 2015 was $7 billion. Among streaming, paid subscriptions accounted for $1.2 billion and ad-supported free services brought in $385 million.

People Streamed a Nickelback Song Over 52 Million Times

Canadians have a complicated relationship with Nickelback. Either you can’t stand them or you’re proud of them. Regardless of your preferences regarding their music, their numbers speak for themselves. Not only has their most played song racked up more than 52 million streams, but they also have over 1 million Spotify followers. Their breakout hit “How You Remind Me” has been played over 100 million times on YouTube, too. Whether you love them or hate them, they’re surely successful.

Spotify Has Videos and Podcasts

You can get all sorts of entertainment in one place with Spotify venturing into video streaming and podcast hosting. With Spotify’s video section, you can watch news, entertainment, and original shows. Its podcast section gives you access to storytelling, comedy, news, and entertaining things to listen to.

If you use any streaming service to listen to music, find new podcasts, or even watch videos, you know how important it is to have fast internet. Learn about Ebox’s affordable, high-speed internet options for betting streaming in Canada by contacting us.