28 April 2017 | Techno

8 Ways easy access to Internet Changed Our Lives

Once upon a time, there was a world in which the internet was not accessible with a simple flick of a button. Information was not as easily moved from one person to another and the world lacked much of the global connectedness that it has today. Here are eight ways easy access to internet has changed our lives for the better.

1. Personal Relationships

You may not need to know where everyone from your third-grade class went for vacation, but thanks to the easy access to internet, families and friends are able to remain in close contact half a world apart. Baby pictures can be sent instantaneously and news can be shared without lengthy telephone chains. Video chats take long-distance communication to the next level. In the past, it was easy to lose track of people if you weren’t adept at writing letters or making calls. Nowadays, relationships are less about proximity and contact information is more readily found when you wish to reconnect. In addition, event information, travel plans, and last minute changes can immediately be made available to others.

2. Research

Instead of trekking to the library to pore over the newest edition of encyclopedias, students and adults alike can seek information at any time. While it can be difficult to differentiate between official resources, once you have a verified a site as legitimate you can easily find what you’re looking for with a few keywords. Easy access is beneficial in the realms of education, health, and many other areas. It also also extends to employment searches, as many of today’s companies maintain websites with detailed mission statements, employment opportunities, and contact information.

3. Education

Online classrooms allow kids who may not fare well in traditional settings to access a whole world of learning at home. Tutorials and educational resources are also easily accessed. Teachers can better communicate with parents and extra help can be given with online assistance.

4. Travel

Travelers can compare prices and research departure and arrival dates by simply clicking a few buttons. With easy access to internet, you can locate accommodations and peruse destinations that may otherwise not be on the radar. Finally, purchasing tickets, downloading boarding passes, and even choosing seating assignments can be easily done. Need a rental car or want to check out refund policies? A touch of a button will get you there.

5. Business Networking

Business networking has rapidly changed from physical meetings to connecting online, allowing introductions to be done sooner and allowing for a larger pool of contacts to be created. Social media platforms that focus specifically on networking have helped people work with others who would have otherwise never entered their network circle prior to the internet. It also allows contact info to be updated on a regular basis and follow-ups to be effortlessly done. Resumes can also be shared online instead of time and money spent mailing hard copies to potential employers. This allows a speedier process when trying acquire work as well as fill positions with qualified employees.


6. Marketing and Purchases

Companies can market to a curated demographic globally and have a better opportunity to get to know their customer base. They are able to increase their visibility with a social media presence and increase engagement. Online promotions eliminate the need for costly mailers that are not so eco-friendly and easily tossed, and allows reminders and updates to be sent to consumers. Data collection and consumer feedback are instantly gathered to assist in smoother marketing campaigns.

On the flip side, consumers can research products, seek out promotions, read reviews, and purchase items from the comfort of their own home. Eliminating the need for brick-and-mortar stores results in less overhead and more competitive pricing.

7. Telecommuting

Employees do not have to be tethered to an office to get work done anymore. Easy access to the internet and the increase in smartphones and other mobile devices mean telecommuting can be done from just about anywhere. This provides more freedom and flexibility. You want to know what is it coming for Internet ? Read our article on our 5 predictions about the internet future.

8. Entertainment

Seeing a movie or watching a missed episode of your favorite television show is as easy as ever. You can now stream a movie directly to a monitor, whether it’s a hand-held tablet or a large flat screen. Online games and a library of books are also readily available. Heading to an event? A quick online search allows you to find activities, view dates and times, and often purchase tickets beforehand.


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