We’re back on the small screen with a new and explosive EBOX ad!

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Who hasn’t had a slightly (or even extremely!) exaggerated reaction when the Internet connection fails at the worst possible time? How frustrating!

In its latest advertising campaign, imagined and produced by the Dentsu Creations agency, EBOX gives a compassionate nod to this annoyance. 😇 Let’s just say that an unreliable Internet connection is not something we want as a part of our daily routine. EBOX gets that!

The EBOX ad

A successful campaign

Chosen as one of April’s top 10 advertising campaigns by the editorial team at Grenier aux Nouvelles for its originality and creativity, the latest EBOX ad was broadcasted province-wide on TV and the web from March 15th to April 23rd, 2023. We highlighted our 500 Mbps 100% fibre Internet package, with fibre being by far the best technology for enjoying a stable and high-speed Internet connection.


The EBOX message

EBOX is just what you need – that’s the key message that positions us in the market as a reliable, simple, and hassle-free solution to connection problems. Moving forward, this message will now be featured in all our marketing campaigns. With this new slogan, we wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to EBOX and reiterate the message that at EBOX, more than ever, we offer you just what you need!



Advertiser: EBOX — Isis Thiago, Suzanne Bourcier
Creative Director: Julien Thiry
Creative Direction: Mourad Bouaziz
Copywriting: Patrice Daigneault, Justin Ross
Art Direction: Diana D’Alesio
Account Services : Cloé Boulianne, Jean-François Lalande
Agency Production : Ariane Rondeau, Aloha Soimaud
Production: NOVA Films — Alexis Dubosc, Emeline Georges
Director: Charles Burroughs
Special Effects: RodéoFX
Online Artist: Camille Potvin
Colorist: Benoît Côté
VFX Supervisor: Erik Gagon
Sound Design and Mix: Studio Lamajeure — Jean-Michel Blanchette
Media: Dentsu X — Sébastien Labelle, Jocelyne Meunier