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Looking to build a website for you or your business in Ontario? EBOX is offering web hosting services. Contact us for more information!

Shared web hosting

We, at Ebox, understand that your window to the Internet must be accessible 24/7 and that is why we have a team specifically assigned to the hosting division.

With Ebox, web hosting is a serious thing! We guarantee the availability of your website 24/7.

Service levelWeb spaceBandwidth**Monthly feeE-mail boxes
Basic *150Mb2.0Gb$9,955 x 20Mb
Standard300Mb6.0Gb$14,9510 x 20Mb
Extreme1.0Gb10.0Gb$19,9510 x 20Mb
Optimum2.0Gb25.0Gb$29,9510 x 20Mb

*: The basic web hosting service is included with all our internet connectivity services ADSL or Cable.
**: Overcharge fees of $2.25/Gb are applicable for going over the monthly bandwidth limit.

All of our shared web hosting services are installed for free

Clients are responsible for creating and maintaining the content of their website.

All of our shared web hosting services are installed for free and include the following:
  • Apache server + MySQL database
  • Ultra fast carrier network
  • High performance server with up to date hardware and software
  • Backup + Statistics.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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