Extreme 125

With a download speed of 125 Mbps, EBOX's Internet Extreme 125 meets the needs of all users, Extremely fast page loading, HD videos visionning, everything is possible with EBOX's Internet Extreme 125!

Your Internet package

$25 for you and your friends!

Being popular pays off! Get a $25 credit for each friend you refer with the EBOX referral program. In return, your friend also gets a $25 credit! You both win!

Download speed 125 Megabits per second

Upload speed 20 Megabits per second

Unlimited Megabits per second

Transfer capacity


Starting at

65 dollars 00 cents

    • Router purchase: Starting at $139.95
    • Router rental: Starting at $0.00/month
    • Modem purchase: Starting at $119.95
    • Modem rental: Starting at $0.00/month

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