Extreme 50

For a reliable and affordable high-speed internet connection, EBOX is the way to go! Our Extreme 50 plan offers a download speed of 50 Mbps and an unlimited monthly capacity that meets the needs of the vast majority of users.

Your Internet package

$25 for you and your friends!

Being popular pays off! Get a $25 credit for each friend you refer with the EBOX referral program. In return, your friend also gets a $25 credit! You both win!

50 Megabits per second

5 Megabits per second

Unlimited - Selectionné

Transfer capacity

  • Order online and take advantage of additional offers!


Starting at

50 dollars 00 cents per month

    • Router purchase: Starting at $139.95
    • Router rental: Starting at $0.00/month
    • Modem purchase: Starting at $119.95
    • Modem rental: Starting at $0.00/month

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