What’s the Difference Between a Modem and a Router?

The difference between a modem and a router may not seem all that important to you as long as your Internet continues to function properly.

8 February 2017 | Read more

Three Vital Tips to Limit Bandwidth Usage

In the perfect world, the internet signal supporting your home or business would always be exceptionally fast,…

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9 Family Pictures That Shouldn’t Have Been Uploaded on the Internet

Have you ever seen a photograph that you wish your mind could just unsee?

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4 Things That You Can Now Connect to the Internet

The Internet of Things is a new term that is gaining in recognition and popularity.

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Five Great Web Series That You Should Be Watching

Web series offer viewers an amazing alternative to cable television and even to online streaming sites;…

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Working From Home: An IT Challenge

Telecommuting is the next big thing for many companies.

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Tips for a Faster Wireless Network at Home

No matter how much or how little you use the internet, everyone wants the fastest internet connection possible.

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The electric bike of the future is available now

When you think about an electric bike, you probably imagine a not-so-sexy bike, with bulky features, powered by a large battery that takes a lot of place.

16 August 2016 | Read more

The EBOX Campus, a 7.5 million dollars investment

Following the inauguration of our first EBOX Store, we are proud to announce a 7.5 million dollars investment for the installation of the EBOX Campus.

4 July 2016 | Read more